Essence Work

Essence Work reconnects us to our innate true nature, the gift we were all born with, but over time have lost connection with. As humans, we have a strong instinct for fulfillment, and often a deep sense of something that is lost or lacking. Essence Work gives us a map and tools to gently, step by step, reconnect with our true Self, our blue-print through awareness, compassion, and inquiry. Essence Work was developed by two pioneers in psycho-spiritual work, A.H. Almaas and Faisal Muqaddam, who discovered an ancient Sufi map of consciousness which they married with modern psychology approaches. At the heart of the work, is the subtle energy system of the Sufis called the “Lataif”. The work describes a pathway to assist the retrieval of our connection to various Essential states, including our true capacity for Will, Strength, Love, Value, Compassion, Peace and Joy. Each of these are described through a colour which manifests its qualities.Introduction Workshops are a basic, experiential introduction to the aspects of Essence held in the various “lataifa”: Through the White Essence we will develop our capacity for Trust and Endurance, find the Support of our Being and discover our connection to our True Will. In the Red Essence, we expand into our inherent Strength, discover our heart’s Courage, express our Boundaries and enable the full, confident, passionate embodiment of our Being. We explore, through the potent practice of inquiry, issues connected to these aspects of Essence, where we have lost our connection to these Essential qualities for Living fully. Through meditation and movement we will awaken our inherent Essential natures, and so take a step further in our journey to waking up to our full potential and expansion.“A beautiful blend of psychological work and movement therapy bringing us closer to what Almaas calls true nature or being. The workshop with Lesley was a profound experience of digging up the dysfunctional patterns of personality and contacting the realm of spirituality.” (Antoni Hoft, Personal Trainer)​

“The workshops were incredible because they made room for me to see and accept the entirety of myself without judgement” Siphumeze Khundayi, Actor (as well as the one I inserted already)

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