Individual Work

Lesley offers individual sessions in person at her practice in Cape Town, or alternatively over skype. Sessions are one hour long, and claimable from most South African medical aids. In the intimacy of an individual session, there is the opportunity to work short or long term on specific issues or blocks, enabling the unfolding of your Being and supporting your journey home. Depending on your needs, Lesley will work with an integrated model including Drama Therapy, Family Constellations and Essence Work.  The sessions will involve some talking, but usually an intervention will be offered involving movement, the body, image making, working with objects or story. The approach is valuable for those looking to work beyond words, to involve the wisdom of the body and to tap into the enormous healing potential and insight that personal creativity brings.  Lesley works with both adults and children.

“Lesley is always careful to create a safe environment and with her precise and acute intuition and experience has this ability to gracefully lead participants/clients back to the core.” Bettina Elten, Art Restorer

 “A large part of who I am was recovered; things I’d forgotten I had at my disposal were dusted off and made beautiful and accessible for me to use. Coming out of this workshop held by Lesley Palmer, I feel grounded and have quiet confidence as to who Shaun Gabriel Smith really is.” Shaun Gabriel Smith, Performer

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