Individual Work

Lesley offers individual sessions in person at her practice in Cape Town, or alternatively over skype. Sessions are one hour long, and claimable from most South African medical aids. In the intimacy of an individual session, there is the opportunity to work short or long term on specific issues or blocks, enabling the unfolding of […]

Space To Play

The¬†Space to Play is a practice in Presence, where you will learn tools for everyday life. The sessions take the form of ¬†improvisation classes, usually over a period of 8 weeks, where participants practice spontaneity, being in the moment and being awake. The sessions support your capacity to say YES to life and to let […]

Constellation Work

Family Constellations Therapy offers a profound space for personal transformation, by honouring and working with the Family System. The process works towards enabling a clearing of the system and a restoration of the natural order of love. The work allows us to receive gifts from our ancestors, while leaving behind what is not ours to […]

Essence Work

Essence Work reconnects us to our innate true nature, the gift we were all born with, but over time have lost connection with. As humans, we have a strong instinct for fulfillment, and often a deep sense of something that is lost or lacking. Essence Work gives us a map and tools to gently, step […]