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A Woman’s Worth

Reclaiming our value & creativity as women

This weekend retreat is designed to support women of all ages contact themselves and discover true nature.

* Expand into the full expression of your Being as a woman, unlocking an inner sense of value, creativity, and meaning.
* Deep Inquiry into what is holding you back as you shed centuries of women’s conditioning.
* Coming home, to your innate courage, steadfastness, clarity, peace, power and joy, as you discover the inner treasures of who you essentially are.

Through inquiry, meditation and embodied practices we will explore themes that hinder our expansion as women, creating a safe and honest group space for maximum growth.

“I cannot recommend this too highly.  The weekend’s work is still reverberating in my body and I find myself reflecting on the many insights I gained.  Lesley is skilled and wise.  I felt safe even in my most vulnerable places, never forced to speak, never silenced.”  Margie

“Lesley is always careful to create a safe environment and with her precise and acute intuition and experience has this ability to gracefully lead participants/clients back to the core.”  Bettina

“Lesley’s Women’s Worth weekend was a deeply nourishing experience. Magic happens when women spend time together sharing stories and experiences. Lesleys humor and gentle space holding and intuitive guidance allowed the group to feel safe and comfortable and as a result we willingly shared so deeply. Thank you Lesley for providing this space for connection and feeling deeply heard. It’s a true gift. ” Catherine



Asherah, Hout Bay, Cape Town

13 & 14 July 2024

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