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Family Constellations Therapy offers a profound space for personal transformation, by honouring and working with the Family System. The process works towards enabling a clearing of the system and a restoration of the natural order of love. The work allows us to receive gifts from our ancestors, while leaving behind what is not ours to carry. The methodology is informed by the systemic understanding that we are all part of a greater system, and therein have the power to affect change that will resonate throughout the whole system. Disentangling ourselves from inherited complexes will support a greater freedom and being able to truly live one’s own destiny.

About the workshop

In a half day, small group workshop we will have the chance to work with 2 people’s issues. They will present their issue to the facilitator who will guide the process and make suggestions of what part of the client’s system to explore. Other group members are chosen to stand as representatives of the client’s family system and follow their impulses in support of bringing to light unknown material from the field. Representatives may gain tremendously from the experience themselves, enriching their insight into their own families.

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