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Exploration of Essence

Essence Introductory Workshops are designed to bring you into closer contact with your Essential Nature, your Creativity and the Wisdom of your Body. Deeply inspired by the work of A.H. Almaas and Faisal Muqaddam, as taught by Turiya Hanover, these workshops assist in reconnecting you to your innate nature and bring awareness to the defence layers built up over time in order to survive. As humans, we have a strong instinct for fulfilment, often a deep sense of something that is lost or lacking, and a longing to return ‘home’. Essence Work gives us a map and tools to gently, step by step, reconnect with our true Self, through awareness, compassion, and inquiry. Essence Work was developed by two pioneers in psycho-spiritual work, who discovered an ancient Sufi map of consciousness which they married with modern psychology approaches. The work describes a pathway to assist the retrieval of our connection to various Essential states, including our true capacity for Will, Strength, Love, Value, Compassion, Peace and Joy. Exploration of Essence Workshops focus on an experiential introduction to aspects of the Work, and connecting deeply to the experience of Essence through movement, art and meditation. Gently unfolding, you will awaken your inherent Essential nature, and so take a step further in your journey to waking up to your full potential and expansion.

“A beautiful blend of psychological work and movement therapy bringing us closer to what Almaas calls true nature or being. The workshop with Lesley was a profound experience of digging up the dysfunctional patterns of personality and contacting the realm of spirituality.”

Antoni Hoft, Personal Trainer

“A large part of who I am was recovered; things I’d forgotten I had at my disposal were dusted off and made beautiful and accessible for me to use. Coming out of this workshop held by Lesley Palmer, I feel grounded and have quiet confidence as to who Shaun Gabriel Smith really is.”

Shaun Gabriel Smith, Performer

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